My name is Periklis Paschaloglou


Love writing code. Whether it is by creating a video game or software or even printing out messages to console. Game and Software Development are never-ending puzzles that I am excited to solve.

Used C# and C++ for programming a dozen of games and/or software for academic or personal projects using Unity, Unreal Engine 4 (Blueprints), and Visual Studio. Basic knowledge of Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and .NET as well as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. 3D modelling as a hobby using Blender 2.80. Highly organised, able to prioritize to accomplish multiple tasks. Motivated to prove my worth in the industry.

University projects

Amusement Park

Module: Advance Mission Design

  • Created the Production document

  • Modelled the 3D Designs (in Blender 2.80)

    • High Striker, Carousel (+ Animation), Ferris Wheel (+ Animation), Circus Tent, Shooting Area, Maze

  • Design Mission/ Level

    • Player’s back story, Sequencer, Landscape texture paint, World Lighting, Particles 

  • and the whole game in Unreal Engine using Blueprints​


New Space Invaders

Module: Game Design Roles

  • Created the Production document

    • Story/level progression

    • Difficulty Curve

    • Production Plan and development schedule

  • and the whole game using Unity and C#


Module: Games Management

Module: Virtual Reality

Had to theoretically port an old game into Android and/or iOS. [Just the documentation not the actual game]

  • Executive summary

  • Business Plan

  • Product Breakdown Structure

  • Product Flow Diagram

  • Costs

  • Timeline

  • Milestones

  • Risk analysis

Multidisciplinary team to produce a VR experience.

[unfinished VR project due to Covid19]

  • Life Simulation/Survival/ Educational Game:

    • Stranded on an island, survive and escape.

  • My contributions:​

    • Game Design Document (as Project Manager)​

    • Product Breakdown Structure (as PM)

    • Product Flow Diagram (as PM)

    • Timeline/ Team Coordination (as PM)

    • Animal AI, Behavior Trees, Logic, Blend Animations (as Game Designer)

Personal / Game Jams

Orbs Across (Game Jam)


This is an entry for Improve My Game Jam #10

  • A casual game that works only with the left click of the mouse.

  • Simply collect all the orbs quickly before dying.

DevLog at below.


Endless Running Math

Endless running math is a personal Educational project created in Unity3D

  • Gameplay Design:

    • Player continuous running

    • Player jump on correct answer/ button

    • Random mathematical questions


Math Defender

Math Defender is a personal project created in Unreal Engine 4.

A simple math game to train your mind. Are you smart enough and fast enough to break the game? Prove it!!!

  • Gameplay Design:

    • Ball towards the player on a constant rate based on difficulty

    • The player fights back on correct answer/ button

    • Random mathematical questions


OLD projects

Block Breaker 3D


Block Breaker


Zombie Killer


Laser Defender


Cross the line


Discover Athens